Hospitality Training

Providing disadvantaged young adults with hospitality training to improve their lives

Despite recent improvements in development indicators, Nepal remains one of the poorest countries in the world with 25% of the population living under the international poverty line of US$1.25 a day and 57% living under US$2 a day.

Lack of economic opportunities and difficult living conditions have prompted to migrate outside of Nepal in search of work. In fact, many poor households depend on remittances from family members working abroad. According to the International Fund for Agricultural Development, 80% of the remittance income of Nepal is used for daily consumption, 7% for loan repayment and less than 3% is used for capital formation.

Project overview

The most disadvantaged youths from across Nepal are referred to our partner Right4Children who select the most eligible. They receive classes in Pokhara for a few months in their chosen trades: cooking, waiting or housekeeping. They then undergo training in the best hotels in Pokhara and Nepal before being placed in one of the Movenpick hotels in the Middle East for at least one year. In each hotel previous beneficiaries are nominated as ambassadors to help newer trainees to integrate and adapt to their new environments.


The main objective of this project is to give disadvantaged young adults the opportunities that will enable them to change their lives.

Beneficiaries learn essential skills for working in the hospitality sector which provides them with opportunities to continue working abroad in hotels or to find good opportunities if they choose to return to Nepal.

Achievements in 2014

With the support of Mövenpick Hotels and Resort, this programme is now in its fifth year.

  • Since the start of the project 108 young people have benefitted from this programme.
  • 24 trainees from the fifth batch have successfully graduated from the programme after receiving training and on the Job training. The graduation ceremony was held on the 19th of September.
  • 6 graduates have already been placed in hotels in Qatar and Dubai. 10 have been offered places and are undergoing the administrative process for their placements. 5 are still looking for placements. 1 has decided to go abroad himself and 2 have decided they do not want to work abroad.
  • 2 members of the R4C team visited various Movenpick hotels in June to find out how the trainees were doing and to ask for their feedback on the programme and on possible improvements. They visited 10 hotels in 3 countries and met around 40 trainees who are now working there.

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